Should parents start early academic education for their children?

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There are varied opinions among educationists and parents on the appropriate age for children to begin schooling. A considerably large faction believes that taking kids to school at an early age is a torturous experience as they need time to allow their brains to develop.

However, despite the dissenting voices, the significance of early academic education in children cannot be undermined. The most common question that many people ask when this topic is raised is, which is the appropriate age for children to begin learning?

Although this is subject to opinions, the answer is that no specific time can be termed as being too early. As long as a kid can grasp something, they are ready to learn. Kids are very sharp, and they tend to learn about everything around them very swiftly. Ever asked yourself how a baby learns something so complex like speaking a particular language?

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In the same manner, it is possible for the kid to discover many other things if they are presented in an appropriate way.  For you to understand the reasons why parents need to introduce their kids to education as early as possible, you need to take a close look at the following pros:

1.    It builds social skills

Holistic growth in kids involves the development of all the facets of life. One of the critical areas that need to be nurtured from a young age is the social aspect. Kids need to learn how to associate with their counterparts. It helps them know how to express themselves and also aids the culturing of listening skills.

Both areas are of cardinal importance in the growth of the kid. During early academic education, kids also learn the benefits of sharing what they have and also respecting each other. Here, accountability of the individual kid is honed. They know that they are responsible for their actions towards others.

A kid who has undergone early childhood development is quick to acclimatize to grade school as it is not a new environment for them.

2.    Early academic brings better performance in grade school

For almost all parents, the grades that their kids score in school matters a lot. Nobody wants their kid to be branded a slow learner. Also, it’s humiliating when a kid is made to repeat classes due to poor grades.

Unknown to many parents, the bearing is lost on the foundation that was laid during the kid’s early childhood. If you want your kid to perform well and auger perfectly with the others in school, introduce him/her to a learning environment at a tender age.

Many banish the idea of early academic education as a waste of money, but the truth is that this is not the case. There is a lot for the kid to learn that prepares him/her for grade education.


Kids who haven’t attended early childhood classes are at a high likelihood of wasting a fair amount of their time at grade school trying to learn how to stay in the school environment. This will, without doubt, affect their academic performance negatively. There’s one option that can correctly solve adaptation to school for kids, and that is introducing them to early education.

3.    Improved attention spans

You’ve seen kids play with anything that they come across. This illustrates how curious and sensitive they are to new environments. Early childhood education is designed to hone their ability to concentrate and focus more on one issue. It simulates the classroom environment where they are bound to spend most of their time once they start grade school.

When early academic education is done appropriately, kids grow to become responsible people who can focus adequately on the task at hand without getting distracted by what is happening around them.

4.    It builds us a sense of responsibility

The moment a kid steps into a classroom, they realize the urge to become responsible as they are no longer with their parents. Here, they are tasked with taking care of their belongings, such as books, pens, and other learning materials. This skill is, especially in the later stages of life when the kids are all on their own. Kids also learn the critical value of accountability.

When they begin learning, they do tests which are marked, and each kid is graded. Once they learn about their performances, it helps them to become accountable for what they do in everything.

5.    Early academic education trains competitiveness

The individuals who have a competitive spirit do good in various things such as academics, sports, and many other areas. Early education introduces the kids to an environment where they are competing against one another. What this does is to help them realize the essence of hard work in everything that they do.

During the formative years, this is the appropriate period to train such a spirit. It is out of this competition that kids come to learn what they are good in and perfect it later in life.

Therefore, the sense of hard work and competitiveness is one which requires to be developed as early as possible. There is no better environment to train such a skill like in the schools during early academic education.

The reasons why your kids need to begin academic education as early as possible are limitless. Don’t listen to those who say that particular age is the most appropriate for schooling. Here the adage that whoever is good enough is consequently old enough applies.

For parents who are reluctant to let their kids join a school at an early age, there is a lot that they prevent the children from achieving. Staying at home doesn’t help the situation. Remember that most of the time that a kid is at home will be spent playing alone. Why not send the kid to school to interact with mates?

Also, sending them to school will spare them interactions with toxic things that can negatively affect them, especially if you live in a highly populated neighborhood. The onus is thus on you as the parent to take the appropriate action. 

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